Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Introducing the Website!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions stated in this podcast are just that, one person’s views and opinions shared freely on the internet while exercising the freedom of speech guaranteed in the United States Constitution. 

Hello, my name is Kindra Cotton, and I don’t like to complain.  I like when things are done right the first time, and when they aren’t, I’d like to see a swift and effective resolution to the issue. 

A complaint is merely an expression of an unmet expectation.  

I am a reasonable person and so are my expectations.  I wish in my heart of hearts that people would do the right things, for no other reason than the fact that it simply is the right thing to do.  I wish people would start treating others the way they want to be treated, for if they did, we’d not only have happier people, but the world would be a better place.

There’s a clichĂ© about “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, but I'm not sure if that’s still the case.  I have reluctantly become a "squeaky wheel", because for me, enough became enough!

Paying for products and services who QUICKLY process payments, and are even quicker to initiate collection proceedings, but who move at a snails pace when they are in the wrong, has encouraged me to spring into action! 

I've learned that there is strength in numbers, plus I just know that all these crazy injustices and daily indignities aren’t just happening to me.  There have to be others out there like me, and now is the time that we should band together!

Most people don’t complain.  Ever!  Lots of people have complaints, but very few of them do anything about it.  I’ve read statistics on this that say only 10-15% of people who have complaints actually do something about them, and for those that don’t, the reasons are cited as followed:

  1. Concern that the process is too time consuming,
  2. Thinking that nothing will ever change,
  3. The issue at hand is considered to be too trivial to be bothered with,
  4. Feeling that whatever went wrong is ultimately their own fault, and
  5. Not knowing how to complain or how to do so effectively.

Many people will complain among themselves or their family members and friends, but rarely take their complaint to the source or the entity most likely to be able to correct it!

In the introductory podcast that you can listen to by clicking the player below, or by downloading it from iTunes, I talk about my experience with writing effective complaints and getting results and how I hope that the community can work together to build and grow the community, and its resources by actively participating and adding content.

There’s a generally accepted rule in business that says “If you make 1 person happy, they’ll tell 5 people, but if you make 1 person unhappy, they’ll tell 20”.  I imagine in the age of the internet that number can be astronomically higher, bumped up to 200, maybe even 2000 or more!

In the world we live in now, where advertising is becoming more and more ineffective, we’re seeing a “Trend Towards Trust”, where people are far more likely to trust the recommendations of a friend or family member, over a sales pitch or random ad campaign.  This is a day and age where opinions matters, and more importantly the internet is working to make the opinions of just about ANYONE relevant to SOMEONE!

If only one person complains to a huge entity, that person can be dismissed as "crazy", but if you find others to join with you, your voice and your mission become that much stronger! 

With that in mind, I’m looking for like-minded people to join me and help resurrect a consumer advocacy movement that works to put the power back into the hands of the people, and hopefully, wrench some of it from the grasp of the big greedy corporations who take our money, with reckless abandon, and feel that they have no responsibility to us when they have wronged us!

Please visit the website, as well as its Facebook Fan Page and make a note that you LIKE it.

I encourage you to visit other websites and communities that deal with complaints, like,, and, but remember as your Solution-Oriented Consumer Advocacy Home Base.  The site is called “Effective Complaints”, where the emphasis is on “efficiency”, because my goal here is to help people that want to help themselves.  If there’s something I can do to help, I’ll try, and at the same time, I invite anyone within the community who can offer assistance, or chime in when necessary, to do so.

Finally, I want to point out that the site isn’t about writing letters for you.  We don't write complaint letters for you, nor do we claim to be legal experts. We're just regular people trying to do what we can to help our fellow consumers.

I would like for the website and this blog to be a resource for people seeking complaint resolution, thus I invite everyone to join in and become active in the community, and reach out to me in the following ways:

  1. Visit and send a message through the Contact Us page,
  2. Continue to visit this blog,, and comment on our blog posts and subscribe to our RSS feed,
  3. Become a Fan on Facebook at the Effective Complaints Fan Page,
  4. Follow us on Twitter (@complaint_help), or
  5. Give us a Call on our Google Voice line at 920-543-HELP (4357).
Let me know how we can help.


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