Friday, July 30, 2010

An Effective Complaint Letter Positive Outcome: How Safe Are You At U.S. Bank?

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In this week's podcast, I share a story about an effective complaint letter I sent to U.S. Bank President and CEO Richard K. Davis. I hold several accounts with this company, and recently my account security was breached several times in a major metropolitan/high crime area.  Essentially, someone made a deposit into my account and was able to access my balance on more than one occasion.  This angered and disturbed me, because a criminal could just as easily do the same thing, and abscond with everything in your account by being able to so easily retrieve the information by simply making a deposit in the first place.

I initially voiced my concerns with the bank branch in question, but their response was that they assumed there was a level of trust with a person who had my account number, despite the fact that ANYONE who you've ever issued a personal check to would have access to that same number, since it's on the bottom of your checks.

Because I didn't receive a successful resolution in my first attempts to resolve my issue, I found the right person, and wrote a letter to them.  I soon received a response from the Executive Communications department at U.S. Bank, telling me that the issue happened at a newly acquired bank branch, and that as a result of my letter, the staff at that location had been brought up to speed with what it takes to be in compliance with U.S. Bank policy procedure (which requires identification prior to releasing account information).  The podcast cast has more details, if you're interested.

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